Day 5

Having lots of things isn’t wrong. It’s not sinful. It’s not evil. But it can be dangerous. 

Years ago, a friend spent some time with a man of God who was living in the poverty of India. While at the man’s house, he noticed that the cupboards were bare, the shelves were empty, and the house was void of just about anything. So he asked the man, “How can you trust God when you have almost nothing?”

The man grabbed a box off the shelf, brought it to the table, opened it up, pulled out his Bible, and looked my friend in the eyes. With joy in his voice, he declared, “My friend, I have nothing to keep me from what is everything.”

Wonderful things can keep us from the greatest thing. If you are a follower of Jesus and you are honest, you know this to be true. We are on many missions and have many goals. We are easily distracted from chasing Jesus. So often the good gets in the way of the best.

We perfected our backswing, but we missed time with Jesus.
We styled the perfect living room, but we stopped connecting personally with Jesus.
We wrote and delivered a flawless sermon, but we spent no time on our knees.
We landed the deal, but at the cost of not chasing the Jesus we once loved deeply.
Our abs and our six-packs are flawless, but our faith could use some attention.

Put your distractions there . . .

Personally, I finished the Netflix binge, but neglected pursuit of Jesus.

There is so much good we can experience and enjoy, but we must not experience it at the cost of missing a deep and meaningful connection with our Savior.

We don’t know how much we need Jesus until he is all we have.

Do you need to put down some having in order to pick up some needing?

You don’t have to have bare cupboards and empty shelves to enjoy Jesus, but if he is collecting dust on your shelf, you may need to remove some of the clutter that is making you forget that you need him.

He’s better. Whatever is competing against him, he is better. Spend some time rediscovering that truth over the next couple weeks. Put something down. Pick him up. He is what you need.

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