Day 4

If you prayed that prayer, “Jesus, help me to love the way that you love,” you will need the help you are asking for.  

Let’s face it. His love is stupid hard to copy.

He loves those who hate him.
He forgives fast.
He holds no grudges.
He loves you AND the people you can’t stand the same!
He sacrificed his own life for the life of his enemies. Who does that?
That’s not just stupid hard to copy . . . it just kinda feels stupid.

We have all been hurt by others. In that hurt, we don’t copy the love of Jesus. We have good reasons to NOT love like Jesus. But the prayer today is to ask for help to love like Jesus does. 

Imagine what would change if we could do that . . . 

Families would be restored.
Children would forgive parents.
Parents would forgive children.
Husbands and wives would drop years of damaging grudges.
You would __________________ (fill in the blank).

You know where you do not love like Jesus. Ask him to help you. We dare you.

Loving like Jesus means we . . .

Hate no one.
Forgive everyone.
Apologize first.
Forgive fast.
Release grudges.
Extend mercy.
Stop hating.

So, yeah, if you want to live that way, you better pray it again: “Lord, today, as I face opportunities to act the way I feel like acting, help me instead to act and love the way you do.”

Now go be stupid good at loving others!

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