Day 20

Sometimes it feels like we live in the Instagram, selfie world. I’m sure many of us innocently share moments of our lives with our closest friends. But if we’re honest, we want to impress. I don’t care who you are, when you post something or accomplish something noteworthy and other people leave comments to congratulate you on social media, that feels amazing. We love to be recognized. We crave it. We kind of live for it sometimes.

Why is that? We want to be known.  We want to be important and followed.
We are intrigued by people who have achieved fame. The number one desire of young people today is not to be rich—it’s to be famous. And YouTube has given us all hope.

Celebrities are trying to impress their ever-growing number of followers. Teenagers are clamoring for followers and likes. Adults are waiting on comments following their Facebook posts, pouring over each word looking for affirmation and approval.  

It’s embarrassing to admit, but come on —we’ve all done it.

Celebrities are trying to impress their ever-growing number of followers.

We’re all marketing ourselves because we want to be known. We want to be important.

Which got me thinking, I wonder what John the Baptist’s Instagram and Twitter feeds would have looked like? He had large crowds following him. He had his own disciples. He was well known.

He was kind of a big deal.

Do you think his posts would have been pictures of him leading a crowd? Would his post after baptizing Jesus read, “Fortunate to be a part of baptizing the Messiah. #blessed”? Would he have made much of himself through a humble brag, or would he have pointed all of the attention elsewhere?

Jesus called John the Baptist, the greatest man to ever live. That’s high praise! And yet John said this about Jesus:

He must become greater; I must become less.
— John 3:30

Do you think John was great because he knew how great Jesus was?

Is who Jesus is more important than who you are to the world?

That’s a terribly hard question that I wrestle with because on any given day I make myself more important than Jesus. That’s backwards. How can you make much of Jesus this week? Making much of him will make you great.

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